Values & Strengths

The University strives for fulfilling the objectives of the parent organization, SGRR Education Mission

A strong vision statement says it all - “Service to Mankind through Education and Healthcare”.


  • Learning To develop both good learning skills and social skills.
  • Innovation Use technology to expand knowledge and self- directed scientific research.
  • Liberty To search for truth and express it.
  • Leadership To develop and practice core competencies.


Transforming young, naïve students to responsible citizens.

Excellence in education

  • Best Infrastructural facilities
  • Strong Research culture
  • Committed Faculty
  • Interaction with Industry.
  • Inspired sense of discipline.
  • Centrally located, beautiful and clean campus beckons one and all.
  • A work culture that executes commitment and responsibility.
  • Punctuality and adherence to time schedules followed rigorously.
  • All Lectures / Tutorials / Practical / Seminars are held and work begins and ends in time.
  • Students are provided personal attention based on need and desire to be helped.
  • The Institute’s philosophy concurs with the Government’s “Swatch Bharat Abhiyan” and strives to inculcate the traits of cleanliness.
  • Holistic development of the student with special emphasis on co – curricular activities, sensitization towards social evils and taboos, participation in charity trips, health camps, attending guest lectures and personality development programmes.

Commitment to social upliftment with a motto to provide education at affordable cost to the less privileged.

SGRRU exercises equity and access in Higher Education. It ensures inclusion of one and all at graduate and post graduate levels. With the nation and community in mind, underprivileged sections of the society, girl child and single parents are tackled with a humane approach. Special fee concessions, easy fee payment plans, fee waivers are in place to assure that none is left behind.

The harsh socio economic realities of the remote hilly regions of the state deter the abundant talent to achieve due to success in the field of higher education. SGRR University provides them an appropriate platform to surge ahead.

The University and its constituent Colleges/ Institute have become a bastion of “quality education at affordable cost” and a hub of mixed socioeconomic culture. It is an example of a center of learning where excellence in higher education and social justice has been compatible and thriving.

Character Building is a hallmark of the University

We encourage the student to be:
  • Regular and punctual
  • Responsible, polite and compassionate
  • Well dressed, etiquetted and disciplined
  • Aware and sensitized towards green and clean environment, alcohol and drug abuse, traffic rules, ills of substance abuse, female foeticide etc.
  • Teachers available outside classrooms and working hours to guide and counsel students