A Huge Network of Professionals

Alumni association is a powerful network of professional contacts – with one thing in common. They all belong to the same organization. You can use alumni directory to connect with people who could be a great resource for information on interviews which can be your ladder to success. You can also attend events and join professional groups/ forums to build enduring long term relationships.

Registered Association

The Alumni Association of Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology and Science is registered under the Society’s Act of 1860 with registration no: 314/2014-15.

Career Services

Whether you’re making a career change, positioning yourself for that next promotion, or looking to hire for your own company, your institute career centre can help you.

Meeting with Seniors

Alumni association gives opportunity to current students to meet their seniors through Alumni Meet once a year, where they can put across queries about job opportunities, career prospectus and corporate world with them.

Alumni Directory

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Please contact us:

Alumni Association of SGRRITS
SGRR Institute of technology and Science
Patel Nagar, Dehradun

List of Office bearers

Designation Name of office bearer Contact no
President Dr. Deepak Sahani 9897063068
Vice president Mrs. Vaishali Prakash 9720007613
Vice president Dr Arun kumar 9411313887
Secretary Dr Manish Mishra 8218661228
Joint Secretary Mr. mandeep Narang 9719965768
Joint Secretary Dr. Ashutosh Badola 7536083083
Treasurer Mr Pradeep Semwal 9897491359