Course Overview

  • Institute
    SGRR School of Management & Commerce Studies
  • Eligibility
    Bachelor´s degree of minimum 3 years duration with minimum 45% marks in any stream.
  • Duration
    2 Years
  • Admission Process
    Admission done on merit basis.

Fee Structure of Shri Guru Ram Rai University for the Session 2020-2021

Total Course Fee = INR 1,60,000

Fee Installments 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Admission Fee# 5,000      
Tuition Fee 29,500 28,500 29,500 28,500
Other Fees 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500
Development Fee 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500
Enrollment Fee 2,000      
University Exam Fee 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000
Security Deposit* 5,000      
Total (INR) 49,500 36,500 37,500 36,500


  • Uniform Fee Extra
  • Fee subject to revision from time to time.
  • The Institute without any prejudice reserves the right to change or delete any information without any prior information.

Master of Hospital Administration is a postgraduate course in hospital management. The duration of the course is 2 years. The course study offers adequate business and management skills to carry out the administrative and co-ordination activities of a hospital. It also helps the candidates in developing expertise in planning and managing different types of hospitals and also equips the students with problem solving skills. Apart from hospitals, these professionals can also find opportunities with health care clinics, nursing departments, and other health care departments. The course acts as the basis for further education programs such as M. Phil or PhD in the same field.

The most common and most obvious career paths for graduates of healthcare administration programs are:

  • Hospitals, and Clinics, Consulting firms, Health care management companies. Among the many job titles there are hospital administrator, director of business development, executive director, vice president, chief nursing officer, director of risk management and director of patient safety.
  • Companies that develop, manufacture and market healthcare supplies and equipment:Job titles to explore in this sector include: consultant, marketing manager, and sales director, director of market research, faculty/instructor, product manager and analyst.
  • Pharmaceutical organizations.
  • Healthcare IT companies.
  • National and International NGO’s.
  • Educational organizations.
  • Health Insurance Organizations: Some of the job titles in this sector are research analyst, utilization manager, quality improvement coordinator, client manager and director of strategic planning.
  • Healthcare Policy Organizations: Some healthcare administration program graduates decide to address health-related issues on a broader scale by finding jobs with either government organizations. Job titles in this sector include: communications director, Program Coordinator, policy analyst, community healthcare organizer and health planner, Consultant Quality Assurance etc.

Q1. Why should I consider a career in health administration?

Ans. Health administration is one of the most rewarding and challenging career opportunities available today. It is rewarding because, although health administrators do not personally prevent or cure illness, they play a key role in establishing an environment in which healthcare services can be provided in a professional and caring manner. In addition, the health care industry continues to expand and there are a wide variety of career paths available.

Q2. What are the career options for a student with a degree in Master of Health Care Administration (MHA)?

Ans. The healthcare field offers a wide variety of job opportunities. Positions are available in health delivery settings such as various hospitals, consulting Firms ( Handling hospital projects or Quality agencies), nursing homes, home care agencies, and. Examples of other settings include Insurance companies, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and other managed care systems, regulatory agencies, and professional associations (Ministry of Health & family welfare ,National Rural Health Mission/National Urban Health Mission,PHFI, NACO, WHO ), Healthcare IT Agencies, National and International NGO’s etc.

Q3. What are the career options for a student with a degree in Master of Health Care Administration (MHA)?

Ans. Our students are trained to be proficient in all fundamental aspects of business and management, and then to apply business principles to healthcare settings. Students at SGRRU also learn how to use current technology for presentation materials, data analysis, electronic mail, and internet use. Students’ coursework requires group work, projects, and presentations, which prepare students to function effectively and professionally with others.

Q4. How long does it take to complete the degree?

Ans. Students begin coursework in the fall and enroll for four consecutive semesters. Students are in the Program for two years.

Q5. How rigorous is the program?

Ans. The program is quite rigorous. One of the reasons why virtually 100% of our graduates get jobs after graduation is that the program expects a lot of its students and potential employers know this means that our students are extremely well-trained and are serious about and committed to what they do. Organizations want graduates of a program that is competitive and rigorous because that ensures that they are hiring well-prepared professionals.

Q6. Is there a specific undergraduate degree I should have in order to apply?

Ans. Yes. Our students come from backgrounds of various programs (Arts, English, Economics,Finance, Management, and Social Work) or science-related programs (Nursing, MBBS, BPT, BDS, BAMS and any other clinical disciplines).

Q7. Will there be any problem in coping with the studies or getting a job if I am not a science or medical graduate?

Ans. The studies are oriented towards management and not towards medical science. Our alumni from diverse academic backgrounds are doing well in their careers

Q8. What is the eligibility for entering the program?

Ans. The eligibility criteria is at least 45% marks in any graduation stream.

Q9. What is the admissions process?

Ans. The Committee starts with admission process in the month of June every year .The candidate interested for the program has to fulfill the eligibility criteria and get enrolled for registration by a nominal fee either online or in the admission cell of the university. Once registration is completed, candidate can submit their 1st Semester fee and confirm their.