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Learning Resource Centre - "A center that makes every effort to help you succeed."

Whether you are first- year student or a doctoral candidate, learning takes time. The learning resource center at SGRRU provides information and reference services, circulation of print and nonprint resources, e-resources and audio visual resources, etc. Our libraries are the most important resources within our educational facility.

LRC is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of books, journals, back volume of journals, WHO publications, CD ROMs and internet services. The library strives to provide timely, accurate and current information, and also provides an appropriate and comfortable academic environment for the users.

SGRRU houses two Central Libraries, additionally, each department has its own library catering to the need of students, faculty and researchers. In addition, the departmental libraries support the teaching and extension programmes of the SGRRU. Both central libraries are fully automated by SOUL(Software for University Library) and LSease software. These softwares works as book finders for all library visitors.

The Library works on open access system. The competent and friendly officials in the library are available for assistance of any sorts.

All the libraries are well furnished with spacious reading rooms

  • Reading hall for students
  • Reading lounge for faculty
  • e-learning centre
  • Reprographic facility
  • Membership of National Networks, such as INFLIBNET, NPTEL, DELNET and National Digital Library.

University puts a positive approach towards the needs of visually and physically challenged students. Magic High Definition Screen Magnification Software and Talking Reader for persons with low vision is available along with Ramps/Elevators for smooth locomotion of physically challenged persons.

Human Library

A novel concept initiated at SGRRU. Human Library, is a place where real people are on loan to readers. The idea is based on the concept introduced in Denmark in the year 2000. The aim was to utilize Human as a Book and utilize Human experience. A list of volunteer faculty and staff is prepared with the subject of their specialization. The subject specialty is made known to all. A reader who wants to directly confront their ambiguity by choosing a subject they don't understand can utilize a Human Book on request for a specific period (30 min. to 1 hr.). The results are encouraging.

Language Lab

Soft skills facilitate an all-round development of personality. Hard or technical skills help to acquire a basic position in one's life and career. But soft skills can ensure a person retain it, climb further, reach a pinnacle, achieve excellence. We at SGRRU try to take the best of students and caters to all the needs of today’ s youth with excellent facilities that include personality traits as self-confidence, positive attitude, emotional intelligence, social grace, flexibility, friendliness and effective communication skills.