Department of Geology





As head of department, I feel proud to inform that SGRR College of Basic and Applied Sciences under SGRR University is the pioneer academic institute in Dehradun that offers B.SC (PMG, ZBG) and M.SC in geology. The department of geology pride itself as one of the founding disciplines of the university dating from 2017.

All the core, additional and elective courses included in the programs have been specifically designed to meet industry standards and research requirements and give the impart knowledge to the students through lectures, seminars, and workshops etc.

Field and laboratory work play a pivotal role in academic excellence. Students are provided ample opportunities to enhance their knowledge through field observation. Time spent in the field not only provides an immersive learning experience, but also builds lasting friendships, and generates the bonds that define our college strong sense of community.

The department also works towards building the social and moral character of the students.

I hope that your visit to our website is fruitful, informative and stimulating. Please contact us with any question about the department and we will gladly try to answer them.

Courses Offered