Blended Pedagogy

Peer Tutoring

“To teach is to learn twice”.

Student helping students, a simplified understanding of Peer Tutoring adopted at SGRRITS. We all have a natural tendency to learn from our own age group.

In an academic set up, students too feel more comfortable working with and asking questions in their same peer group due to less of power dynamism.

It allows both the tutor and tutee to better understand information. As they work through the assignments and practice the concepts, both gain a broadcast and understanding.

This innovative technique is “well adopted” and “well taken” at the institute.

Each class has their own peer tutoring groups, wherein a higher performing student is paired with a small group of lower performing students to help them in academics or review their behavioral attitudes.

It is aimed to provide a better understanding of the concepts they have seen in class.

Peer tutoring aims to:

  • Provide one – to – one assistance.
  • Promote academic and social development of both tutor and tutee.
  • Increase self confidence and self efficiency.
  • Increase students’ engagement and time on task.