Department of Humanities


Department is established to set high standard of education and training in the field of education.We enable students to develop potential within a collaborative working environment. The department aims in providing comprehensive education that fosters the students in direction of making a meaningful contribution to the society. It also provides Ph.D. course programme


  • Classrooms and Computer labs are equipped with latest LCD projectors & OHP projectors for demonstration.
  • Internet facility available through Wi-Fi.
  • Well-equipped Seminar Hall with a seating capacity of more than 200 students available.
  • Library with numerous books.


  • Papers presented by faculties at various national & international level seminars and conferences.
  • Faculty enrichment courses joined by the faculties.
  • Faculty appointed as a subject expert in government and non-government departments for different occasions as to judge the exhibition, PGT interviews, paper setter in different universities, Guest lecturers & unit writing etc.