360 Degree Student Care

We comprehend that students may undergo a variety of challenges during their college career.

The University imparts assistance to students experiencing such situations by:

  • Personal & Psycho-social Counseling
  • Academic & Career Counseling
  • Medical assistance to students through health centre, health insurance

Personal & Psycho-social Counseling

The students during the course of their studies in the University come across various issues. They are, at times, too immature to handle the problems. The University provides them personal counseling. They are encouraged to share their problems with the teachers. The teacher concerned is very supportive in guiding them to solve their problems. The candidates at times come face to face with certain social issues or problems which tend to bring inferiority complex in them. The faculty and teacher mentor makes sure that no such deterioration happens with the psychosocial understanding of the students. The University has a functional psycho-social cell. A trained Psychologist is available to sorts out the problems of the students. Interactive sessions with the counselor have helped many students. Additionally, teacher mentors are assigned to a group of students, notified and displayed on student’s notice boards. The mentors counsel the students on all issues concerning academic, personal, career and psychological.

Academic & Career Counseling

Academic Counselling is provided to students who are experiencing difficulties with their studies. Meeting with a counsellor can assist students to identify their areas of difficulty and develop strategies to improve their academic performance. Faculty and teacher mentors provide information and support regarding coursework expectations, academic prerequisites, learning techniques and study skills. Faculties from different specializations conduct interactive sessions with the students helping them to choose their career specialization after rigorous SWOT analysis of the students.

Medical assistance to students through health centre, health insurance

An Infirmary Room is in place within the campus which provides basic medical assistance to the students as and when required. First Aid boxes are available in all the departments. 1000 bedded multi specialty hospital of the Mission takes care of the health related needs of the students as and when required. Ambulance services are available for any emergency. All the employees and students on the roll of the schools, institutes and institutions run by SGRR Education Mission are insured under (SGRREMSEWS) Shri Guru Ram Rai Education Mission Students and Employees Welfare Scheme.

Further, the office of Dean Students Welfare provides coordinated efforts along with campus partners to support students with overcoming challenges to be successful and continue towards graduation.